Gallery Lothringer 13, Munich


„Toujours l’Amour“
stoneware sculptures, copper oxide, glaze

Installations in the joint exhibition 2013 at OBACHT! kultur im quartier, in the Kunsthalle LOTHRINGER 13



From the exhibition invitation

… also worthy of special mention are three centrepieces with ceremonial tableware, all created in 2012/2013. One of them stands as a table installation in the exhibition at the Lorraine Art Gallery, the other three in the Herbergenhof in the studio workshop. „Cupid and Psyche“, the tragic pair of lovers sung by Apuleius in The Golden Ass, „Toujours l‘ Amour“, a bizarre table with a jet-black iridescent lizard that seems to guard the table from the guests, and „For Eros, the voluptuous one I will sing of“, a love-drunk, highly excited faun worshipping a stark-naked, Rubenesque enthroned nymph, surrounded by grapes and candlelight. „Table centrepieces were invented in France in the 17th century. These very elaborate pieces were often created for a specific occasion. Their production required great craftsmanship and artistic skill. Usually made of silver, bronze or porcelain and earthenware, they depicted historical or romantic scenes; fantastic and tropical animals were also very popular as subjects. On towering structures, clearly visible all over the table, they were intended to delight the table party and stimulate conversation. In Art Nouveau around 1900, the monumental centrepiece was replaced by the jardinière, an elongated vessel, often on feet, on which flowers and fruit could be decorated.“