Open Art Munich, Germany


"Heads - Homage to Picasso"

Works by: Picasso, Manzu, Cocteau, Guttuso, Achternbusch, Stiegler.

Exhibition at the Ruf Gallery, Munich, 2001, as part of open art

„… this year the second part of the trilogy „Heads“ has the motto „Homage to Picasso“. A homage that unites, on the one hand, artists of Classical Modernism in reverence and friendship for Picasso, and, on the other hand, artists of the present who deal with the phenomenon of Picasso in their works.“

Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Matiasek,
Director of the Prinzregententheater


1) „Ovid“, bronze, h 23 cm (edition: 7)
2) „Lovers“, plate, stoneware, 43 cm
3) „Helena“, monotype, monochrome
4) „Paris“, monotype, two colours
5) „Faun and nymph“, bronze, h 34 cm